Trucking Freedom: Get To Know About It

Trucking Freedom: Get To Know About It

Smokey and the Bandit released in 1977, set the ball rolling. It launched many a trucker career as trucking freedom, made CB radios famous, and was a crash course in trucking lingo. Most trucking movies portray the protagonist as a cowboy, a maverick with tough talk, and tattoos. No one tells you about those long hours on the road, the monotony, and the family far away. So let’s take a peek at the so-called concept of the trucking freedom.

Trucking Freedom – Myth Or Reality?

For good or less, trucking movies do bring across the language, history, and culture of truckers. Yes, freedom comes with the job, and in big black capitals, WITH FREEDOM COMES RESPONSIBILITY. When you start your career in the trucking industry, the management of the industry can be daunting, mostly because of your lack of experience. However, a job in this sector comes with its own kind of independence. This is the perceived freedom, which is the prime motivator why the job attracts many aspirants. This freedom bestows upon a considerable benefit to the drivers.

Trucking Freedom: Get To Know About It
Trucking Freedom: Get To Know About It

The freedom associated with the job requires adjustment and this ‘freedom adjustment’ is more complicated than you can imagine. Neither at school or your career have you encountered this, and naturally, it is a handicap, at least at first. Recognition and understanding are the following obstacles. Once you hit the road, you are effectively a castaway, thrown into the rough and tough world of trucking. Right, you get to roam the vast, beautiful outdoors in all their splendor.

A trucker is handed a start date and time. Likewise, the date and time of delivery. Period. No one to hound you, fill your e-logs and all that space and time to yourself. Those repeated checks, invasive poking around is not there. Freedom is a daunting reality check so don’t underestimate it.

Trucking Freedom VS Time Management

In the beginning, the lost time comes in heaps. A newbie trucker explains how.

  • Getting lost
  • Taking a wrong turn
  • Getting lost again
  • Entering from the wrong side of a store
  • Having to a turnaround in the customer parking lot
  • Missed drop and hook locations (simply means unhook your trailer and hook up another)
  • Multiple public transport authority transgressions
  • Numerous vendor backhaul procedures
  • Many, many more

After the review, the next step is building a mindset of accountability as ‘trip planning.’ Here are a few mantras to get on the freedom highway.

  • Have a proper mindset
  • Have a clear plan
  • Build strong relations
  • Eliminate surprises
  • Great communication is vital
Trucking Freedom: Get To Know About It
Trucking Freedom: Get To Know About It

Freedom At Last

Continually evaluate your performance and your ability to handle the freedom that comes with it. Be your advocate. This habit of still reviewing my day has stayed with me. I analyze situations and plans of action and how I best to improve where applicable. Ask for the senior’s input and do what is needed whenever it makes sense. In the beginning, it makes sense to do this often. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you think it’s needed.

Now that you have earned and tamed that freedom, enjoy it. Leverage that freedom. Safe travels!

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