Tips To Learn In A Driving Training Video As A Beginner

Driving Training Video

Learning to drive as a beginner is always challenging in the first few days. However, you’ll get better over time, with diligence and focus. To help beginners learn the art of driving, divining training videos have been made. These videos teach the art of driving extensively, giving numerous tips to beginners along the way. We discuss some of the tips to learn in a driving training video as a beginner.

Be Familiar With Your Car

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This is a very important tip given out in driving training videos. You can’t master driving if you don’t get acquainted with your vehicle. It’s not just about driving, it’s about knowing what each knob and button does in the car. When you learn the function of each knob and button, you’ll know exactly what to push or press when you need to.

It’s imperative to learn and efficiently understand the position and functions of the three main pedals. Driving training vidoes teaches to learn the pedals as ABC, from left to right, A being ‘Accelerator’, B being ‘Brake’, and C being ‘Clutch’.

You can then familiarize yourself with the gear knobs; the positions and functions. To certify that you’ve mastered the position of the gear, you should be able to shift the gear knobs without having to look.

Know Your Seat Ergonomics

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As much as learning how to drive is important, you have to be familiar with the seat too. Beginners tend to ignore the seat mechanism, which is crucial. Divining training videos teaches that every car has an adjustable seat position mechanism. This makes it possible to adjust the seat reach; how far or close the seat is to the steering well. You also will be able to adjust the seat angle. So you learn that you don’t have to put up with default seat reach and angle, you only have to adjust it. Do adjust the seat in a manner that makes you comfortable and gives easy access to all knobs and buttons in the car; the gear, the pedals, the steering wheel among others.

Be Aware Of License Restriction

This is another crucial factor taught in driving training video. A learner’s license requires you to have the “L” symbol placed at both the front and the back of your car. You may need to have an instructor with a permanent driver’s license in the passenger seat. Your license also state the kind of vehicle you filled while registering, so driving a vehicle not indicated in your license may get you penalized.

Avoid Tailgating

Do not stick so close to the vehicle in front. Maintain a safe distance. This gives you ample time to avoid danger if the front car swerves unexpectedly, or hits an obstacle, and so on.


Many tips are given out in driving training videos. Apart from physical practice, these videos help beginners learn the art of correct driving. Hence, we discuss tips to learn in a driving training video as a beginner.

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