Things You Learn in Your Driving Lessons

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Learning is essential to our existence. Driving is an essential skill in everyone’s life. Both males and females want to know how to drive. A survey taken by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) concluded that most people take 45 hours to learn how to drive and 22 hours for practising. Driving a car can be as easy as running or walking once you get comfortable and practised.

Essential Driver Training (EDT)

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There are twelve lessons required for essential driver training, they are listed below

  1. Car control and safety check
  2. Correct positioning
  3. Changing direction
  4. Progression management
  5. Anticipation and reaction
  6. Sharing the road
  7. Driving safely through traffic
  8. Changing direction in a more complex situation
  9. Speed management
  10. Driving calmly
  11. Night driving

Driving License

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A driving lesson is a class that prepares the person to become a driver and they can only obtain a driver’s licence or learner’s permit when they know how to drive. you can only apply for a provisional driving license three months before your 17th birthday.

Must be a Comfortable Instructor

An instructor must be either an approved driving instructor ( ADI) or a trainer at a driving school or a trainee driving instructor. Green badges are given for Approved driving instructors (ADI) while pink badges are given for trainee driving instructors. Even a technically good instructor may not also be right for you. If you are not comfortable with them then change the instructor or trainee. Choosing the wrong instructor or trainee can affect your driving practice.

Tips for Driving Lessons

  1. Correct your seating position
  2. Avoid distraction
  3. Get familiar with your car
  4. Learn to adjust your seat according to the pedals 
  5. Learn the steering wheel position of the car
  6. Learn to use turn signals accordingly
  7. Control your speed and don’t over speed
  8. Maintain distance from other vehicles.

Some Tips for Beginners

  1. Ensure the car is in a safe and legal condition
  2. Before you step inside the car start meddling with the various knobs and buttons 
  3. First, understand their function
  4. Understand the main pedals, the accelerator, brake and clutch
  5. Stick to slow speed
  6. Use indicators and horns correctly
  7. Never drive in the wrong mindset

To ensure safety while driving it is important to follow certain rules some of them are

  1. Follow traffic rules
  2. Be careful during bad weather conditions
  3. Do not cross the speed limit
  4. Service your car regularly
  5. Always wear a seat belt
  6. Maintain lane distance
  7. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

Theory Test

All drivers must pass the theory test. It contains two parts

  1. Hazard perception: This hazard perception test checks that you are capable of responding to hazards while driving.
  2. Multiple-choice test: It has questions such as rules of the road, traffic signs, driving conditions, vehicles, safety and much more.

These questions were asked from three Books, they are

  1. The official highway code
  2. Know your traffic signs
  3. The official DVSA guide to driving – The essential skills

Factors Affecting Driving

  1. Road conditions
  2. Driver impairments
  3. Hazardous weather
  4. Driving at night
  5. Distraction while driving includes using cell phones
  6. Drinking and driving
  7. Driving at night


To drive a car, you need to practice hard and you want to follow all the rules. you need to feel safe, confident and supported when learning driving lessons. It is also important to check your eyesight before you enter the car. It is also important to follow all the traffic rules to be safe and secure.

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