The Growing Concern Of The Critics And Skeptics Of The Self Driving Car

self driving car

The technology of self-driving car has been around for some time. There are already several companies that are working on this new technology.

A self-driving car is defined as a vehicle which is able to drive itself without any human involvement and in any type of weather condition. It is already present on the road, but the problem lies with the software used in the software. Many of these cars have made it safely on the roads, but many have been involved in fatal accidents. Self-driving cars are considered to be highly controversial. Some critics call the cars unsafe.

The Overview

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There are many critics and skeptics of these cars, but the fact that it is possible to have a car that drives itself without any human control is making some people very excited. One of the biggest skeptics who do not believe the self-driving cars is former Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda.

He says that it will be a very dangerous time before this new technology is introduced on the road. However, some experts are still convinced that the technology behind this is a very safe one. However, this technology does not exist yet.

The Critics

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Some experts say that the technology behind these cars is not good enough yet, and that the cars that are on the road today may be a bit unsafe. One of the biggest concerns of the critics and skeptics of self driving cars is the fact that the car will be able to drive itself in a completely different situation.

The fact is that the car would also have no knowledge on how to handle itself in an emergency, where you might need to use your steering wheel or brake pedal, but there are no signs of this yet. In most of the tests that were conducted so far, the car was found to drive itself in some of the worst weather conditions. Some of the experts even said that the cars might not be able to react in a real life situation.

Experts are also saying that this technology should not be used in closed roads like tunnels and bridges where there is no possibility to get the car near to any other vehicles. If this technology can be used in open roads, then there is no need for the cars to slow down, because they would lose control and hit another car.

The Skeptics

However, the use of the new technology is still controversial, and there are many skeptics who are calling for caution. the usage of this new technology until we see the results from the testing and trials. These cars are not on the streets yet, so we will have to wait until they are there to actually drive on them, and then we will be able to see if it really works or not.

This new technology will allow us to drive our own car and take it anywhere we want. These cars will also have the capability of driving safely when traffic is moving and going in one direction.

Self-driving cars will also allow us to control the speed at which we drive, and we can let the car control the speed at which it brakes. This is a very useful feature for those people who live in cities where there are limited speed limits.

There have been some issues in the past regarding the safety of the use of these cars, and a lot of accidents have happened in the past due to faulty controls. However, now all the new manufacturers are aware of the issue and are making their vehicles very safe. Even though the car is new, and not on the roads yet, it is still very reliable, as compared to the old models.


The good thing about self-driving cars is that they are very much affordable for most people. So if you have the budget to purchase one, there is no reason for you to not buy one, because the technology behind them is very reliable. It will also save a lot of time and money, because you won’t have to spend time commuting to and fro to work, and also spending on gas and buying gas for the car.

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