The Consequences Of Driving A Car Without Auto Liability Coverage In New Hampshire

driving a car without insurance

What would happen if you were caught driving without insurance, anyway? And how much would the fine be for driving without insurance, anyway? When will my car be impounded? What can I do now?

The first penalties that may occur for driving a car without insurance are for operating an uninsured motor vehicle. You may be fined for operating a vehicle without proof of insurance, or even worse, having a traffic citation issued against you. If you are driving with no proof of insurance, you will be charged with a misdemeanor. Your license will be suspended for a period of time.

Charged With A Felony

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If you are driving a vehicle without insurance, and you are involved in an accident, then you will be charged with a felony, and your auto coverage will be canceled immediately. The consequences of this include a jail sentence, fines, and possibly having to serve jail time. If this happens, you can lose your license.

If you get caught, you may still be able to fight the charges. In order to do so, you must prove to the court that you were not driving the vehicle without insurance, and that the accident was not your fault. You must also show proof of financial responsibility. This means that you should be able to prove to the court that you are not able to pay the full amount of damages owed to the other party. To do this, you must provide all of the evidence you need to, such as car insurance documents, and a current pay stub from your work. Failure to properly prove your financial responsibility will make your claim more unlikely to be accepted.

A Suspended License

Another serious penalty that you can get if you are caught driving a car without insurance is a suspended license. This means that you will have to take the road safety class, and you will lose your license for the first offense. Each subsequent offense will get you a higher suspension. If you are caught doing something that makes it impossible for you to pass one of these tests, such as running a light or changing lanes, you will also face a suspension.

Some of the most severe consequences that you will face if you are driving uninsured vary based on your state’s laws. Some states have a “first-offense” only law, which means that you can be arrested and be put in jail right away. Other states have graduated penalties, which mean that you are charged progressively more points on your license, until you reach a certain level. Regardless of what your state’s laws say, the most severe penalties are associated with driving uninsured. You face criminal charges, higher insurance rates, longer suspension periods, and other legal consequences.

Responsible For All Damages And Injuries

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However, the most important consequence that you face if you are caught driving a car without insurance is the fact that you will be responsible for all damages and injuries that happen to other drivers while you are in their vehicle. 

This means that if you have no auto liability coverage, and you hit another person, you are responsible for paying all medical expenses, even if they are partially your fault. Liability coverage kicks in if the other driver has no auto liability coverage at all. This type of coverage is required by law in all states, but many people don’t have it.


If you are caught driving a car without insurance in New Hampshire, you will certainly face several serious consequences. You will be billed for the accident and will probably receive a ticket from the New Hampshire state police. The other driver will likely receive a ticket, as well, and you could also face a suspended license in New Hampshire, which means that you won’t be able to operate a vehicle legally until you pay the fines and sign over the other driver’s responsibility to pay.

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