Smith Driving Training – Start With The Basics To The Top

Smith Driving Training

Smith system driver training is an Australian based organization whose goal is the safety of the drivers. The instructors are all Australian based who engage the driving training on some onsite classroom sessions. The smith system has successfully given directions and behind the wheel training to more than 2 lakh drivers every year.

Smith System Driving Training

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Their driving training work on each continent. Their methodology is very simple to apply and is even simpler to learn and grasp. They instruct the drivers to drive a bit differently. All the trainers are well equipped, and they are very flexible. Driving training can help drivers with different vehicles and in a different environment. Their training also focuses on improving drivers’ driving habits to avoid any major crashes and minimize fuel and maintenance costs.

The 5 Golden Rules

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This driving training organization wants you to focus on five simple rules. They were developed to maximize the safety of commercial drivers. The first rule suggests to always aim high in steering. It means that you should stay alert at all times and look out for any risks or dangers that might lie ahead of you. In case of any such suspicion, the drivers must slow down to avoid any rear-end collisions.

Secondly, they want you to be aware of your environment at all times because distracted drivers can be risky. So it would help if you prevented major accidents by observing how other drivers behave on the road.

The third rule of driving training says to be alert and focused at all times. It would help if you keep your eye moving every 2 seconds because eye movements help your body from entering into a trance state and keep you focused on every driving condition.

Next is that they want you to leave yourself a way out. This means that you need to ensure that the other drivers on the road do not box you while selecting their lanes. You must be careful while choosing your lanes and adjust your speed.

Lastly, this driving training ensures that other drivers can see you. It would help if you did not assume that other drivers’ are not dangerous or reach their destination safely. If you feel you are coming into another driver’s blind spot, use the horn to keep a check.

Drive Safe – Driving Training

A professional driver should know how to tackle any threats and avoid collisions. However, unfortunately, this safety factor is not a priority for most drivers. But they do not stress safety too much because they have other distractions like reaching their destination on time. But it should be noted that collision avoidance is a habit that is pretty easy to learn. Better driving habits will result in safe drivers and, hence, create a safer driving environment. The reason for a collision can be numerous.


The driver can be under the influence of liquor, or drowsiness can be a factor that may be caused due to some cold medications. All these accidents are a result of undertraining. The drivers must understand that safety is an all-time need that should be emphasized every day.

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