Semi-Truck Driving Facts You Should Know

Semi-Truck Driving Facts You Should Know

The trucking industry is growing with the growth of the manufacturing business. For a manufacturing business, transportation serves as the lifeline. Hence, trucks are used for transportation of goods from one place to another place. Sometimes, the distance can be long and tiring. So, truck drivers have to be dedicated, skilled, and professional for driving semi-trucks. In the following section, you can find some interesting as well as lesser-known semi-truck driving facts.

Interesting Points On Semi-Truck Driving Facts

1. Semi-Truck Driving Fact – The Commonest Occupation In The USA

Truck driving is the most prevalent occupation in the USA. And, a lot of people earn their living through truck driving. The economy of the country will become static if the truck drivers refuse to do their jobs. Again, most truck drivers have to cover a long-distance journey.

Semi-Truck Driving Facts You Should Know
Semi-Truck Driving Facts You Should Know

2. Reason Why They Are Called Semi Trucks

In the USA, nearly all trucks are semi-trucks. They are also known as tractors. As per the estimation of 2016, there are almost 2.8 million semi-trucks in the USA. Semi-trucks come with trailers that do not have front wheels.

3. The Capacity Of The Trucks

The standard 18 wheels vehicles come with the ability to carry 80,000 pounds load. Some new models are also approaching the marketplace. These new truck models would feature weight around 300,000 pounds. Soon, those new models will replace the old ones.

4. Reliability Of The Trucks

When it comes to semi-truck driving facts, reliability becomes an essential factor for discussion. As per industry sources, almost 70% of goods are transported via semi-trucks in the USA. Now, when you look at the world scenario, you shall find that data says similar things for all major countries.

5. Driving Hours For The Truck Drivers

On a day, the truck drivers can drive up to 3000 miles, which is quite a long-distance that they have to cover. The number of hours and distance covered by the trucks depends on various factors. When the vehicles go through busy roads, they have to adhere to the speed limits. On the highways, the trucks do not have to follow fixed speed limits. Thus, they can move faster.

Semi-Truck Driving Facts You Should Know
Semi-Truck Driving Facts You Should Know

6. Most Valuable Goods Are Moved By Trucks

With the help of the trucks, most valuable goods are moved in the USA and other parts of the world. So, truck driving is a risky business, as with limited security, the truck drivers have to transport valuable goods from one place to another place.

7. Fuel Consumption Of The Trucks

The trucking industry needs around 50 billion gallons of gasoline every year in the USA. This is nearly 15% of the overall fuel consumption of the country.

8. Semi-Truck Driving Fact: Lifeline For Small Businesses

Semi-trucks are lifelines for the small scale industries or business. Many eCommerce businesses need transportation services.

9. Stoppages For Trucks

On a long journey, trucks need to have to take small breaks so that the engine gets adequate rest. Thus, semi-trucks have to take 40% more rest as compared to the other cars.

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