Provide Maximum Coverage, Soft Enough to Bend a Little When Needed and Provide Extra Protection!

Mud flaps, also known as mudguards, are used in conjunction with the fender on your vehicle to protect passengers, the vehicle, other automobiles, and pedestrians from water, mud, and other flying debris propelled into the air by the revolving tyre. Mud flaps are often made of rubber or other flexible materials that can tolerate damage from the road, the tyre, or flying debris. Mud flaps, also known as splash guards, can be little moulded lips located beneath the truck’s wheel wells or massive rectangular sheets hanging by the tyres. 

They could also be aerodynamically engineered, which is a technique that involves the use of vents, louvres, and shapes to reduce drag and increase airflow. Although some mud flaps are rubber-coloured, others have advertisements, artwork, or logos on them. 

Get Universal Mud Flaps now!


  • Brand Name : XUKEY
  • External Testing Certification: ISO9001
  • Item Diameter: 1inch
  • Item Height: 1inch
  • Item Length : 15.1inch
  • Material Type : High Grade PP+TPO Plastic. Molded Splash Guards.
  • Item Type : Mudguards
  • Item Weight: 1kg
  • Special Features: Rally / Sport / Wide Body / Universal
  • Item Width : 11.5inch
  • Model Name: For Toyota Suzuki Mitsubishi Opel Peugeot Citroen Ford VW Subaru         KIA
  • Model Year : 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  • Color : Red / Black / Carbon Fiber Effect
  • Pro : race / racing / rally



Mudguards are designed to keep automobiles on the road safe from mud, pebbles, water, and other hazards. The flaps can be hung behind a vehicle’s rear tyres to prevent debris from flying into other automobiles on the road and causing damage or harmful circumstances. Truck mud flaps can also help to protect the rig’s undercarriage from harm. Mud flaps are also manufactured of sturdy materials to protect both the tractor and the trailer from corrosive elements like ice-melting chemicals and salt.


Mud flaps that are personalised can also be used as advertising spaces. A logo, business name, phone number, or phrase on guard can help it stand out and attract the attention of other drivers and passengers. Mudguards can reach a vast target audience daily; therefore, the marketing value alone can frequently cover the expense of a unique design.


Mud flaps can assist the mechanical parts of trucks and trailers in lasting longer by protecting them from corrosives and damaging road debris. Drivers don’t have to bother about separating flaps because the hangers used to mount the guards have to pass many security and safety checks. 


• If the mud flaps are not installed properly, they may fall off. However, this may be prevented if you take your time during installation to ensure that everything is done correctly and securely.

• If you choose the wrong mud flap, it will brush against the ground. The mud flaps will curl back when this happens. 


Mud flaps are also reasonably priced when it comes to vehicle protection components. You will save money and effort on future maintenance by installing mud flaps, and your vehicle will look brand new.

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