Hand Signals For Driving Test – California Driving Lessons For The DMV

hand signals for driving test

When you study advanced driving lessons, it helps if you learn advanced car hand signals. Some cars do not have turn signals or brake lights so having hand signals when on your motorbike is an absolute necessity. Pass your driving test with flying colors and learn how to drive safer with a qualified road safety authority. If you have never learned basic hand signals for driving tests then you should definitely take a class. If you choose not to then at least know that you will be able to keep up.

Driving Is Making Lane Changes – Hand Signals For Driving Test

A man driving a car

One of the most important uses of hand signals when you are driving is making lane changes. Every vehicle has a different way of changing lanes and so you need to be sure that you can change lanes without signaling. There are basically three types of lane changes: left hand turns; right hand turns; and middle turn (in which you make both left and right hand turns). You should make sure that you are familiar with all of these before attempting to make a change in lane.

Another important thing to remember is that left arm and right arm signals are used for turning right and left respectively. Your left arm signals should point in the direction of the turn and your right arm signal should point out in the opposite direction. When making a turn, your signal should point out ahead of time so that other drivers can see what you are doing. You should always signal with both hands because it gives other drivers a warning that they may need to watch out.

Use Your Index Fingers Extended Out

A man driving a car

Middle turn signals are fairly easy to use and you simply signal as you turn your vehicle. You use your index fingers extended out in front of you while your thumb is hooked under the pointer finger. This type of hand signals for driving has been made simpler by using electronic devices that project the signal onto the windscreen.

Right hand signals for driving are more difficult than left hand signals, but they do have their place in the overall scheme of things. To use the right signal, you simply move your right hand forward in front of the steering wheel while simultaneously pressing the brake button. Keep your finger pointing in the direction of the turn. If you find that you are not comfortable with this hand signal, you may want to look for a signal that makes use of two or more fingers.

Most Common Hand Signals For Driving

Of course, you should also be aware that there are some driving hand signals that you should avoid. For instance, you should never signal when changing lanes when another car is either in front or behind you. If possible, you should wait until you are behind the car in front of you and then signal. However, if this is not possible, you should signal whenever you are changing lanes.

The most common hand signals for driving are the right turn signal and the left turn signal. People often make the mistake of only signaling with their right hand, and this is a very dangerous thing to do. Doing so is perfectly acceptable, but people need to remember that it is perfectly fine to signal with your left hand if you wish. It simply makes no sense to signal otherwise. You should always signal with your left hand whenever changing lanes, pulling out of a parking space, or making a left hand turn.

Final Words

As you can see, learning how to use California driving lessons to take the DMV behind-the-wheel test is easy. The important thing is to practice regularly and to get used to the process. Although it is not recommended, some people try to memorize the entire procedure so that they will be able to pass with less difficulty the DMV road test. Although this is not recommended, some people have managed to get their driver’s license without any practice.

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