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Spiral-bound notebooks are helpful if you almost always take notes because they allow you to turn every page without any tearing rapidly. And spiral notebooks can lay flat compared to wireless laptops and can prevent pages from growing. However, not all these notebooks are manufactured in the same way. Whether you use one to identify ideas for work or divulge your thoughts.

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·         Brand Name – keepwriting

·         Model Number – S2526

·         LOGO customized – Yes (more than 20 pieces)

·         Paper – 100 gsm cream paper

·         Use – Daily Memos

·         With Lock – No

·         Type – Diary

·         Cover Hardness – Hard Copybook

·         Inner Pages – 80 Sheets

·         Side Binding Mode – Coil/Spiral

·         Style – Cute

·         Notebook Style – Spiral

·         Cover Material – PVC

·         Usage – Diary,Journal,Memo,Notebook

A close up of a piece of paper


1. Your Planner Can Be Drawn!

Those who like to organize themselves and are compulsive listmakers are worried and will likely forget about it if something is not on their daily to-do list, and it won’t happen! While they have tried several different organizational and calendar applications, none of them work for them. This notepad is perfect for you.

But choosing a planner that meets your needs precisely might be a big task. Some don’t have sufficient space to write every day. Others have too much room or additional pages you don’t need. Some weeks begin on a Sunday if you’d prefer to start on Monday or vice versa. No need to mention how difficult it is to locate a beautiful, eco-friendly planner!

2. Sketching Journal

Since they’re not as evident as page lines, dot grids are perfect for papers that blend art with prose. You can draw over the dots free without too much interfering with your picture, but yet have a guide to keep your handwriting straight and pleasant.

Perfect for trip diaries or perhaps for a gardening diary. The chances are infinite!

3. Scale Diagrams And Technical Drawings

Notebooks on the grid are great when you need to scale items. A shelf unit design? Planning your new apartment for furniture arrangements? The dots give you an easy-to-use grid to measure sizes and fine-tune things.

4. Practice Your Hand Lettering

If you learn calligraphy, start fantastic hand letters, or practice the handwriting process, dot grid notebooks are more accessible. The points provide an excellent straight-line guide, but the distance between the lines, as with a lined notebook, does not limit the height of your letters.

Graphical user interface


1. You may lose some critical page because it tears off easily.

2. You can sharply tear the spiral through your clothes, backpack, other notes. If you’re stupid enough, you could hurt yourself.

3. If you remember something later, it is difficult to put an additional page in the spiral notebook.


This is only a sample, and of course, there are many more. You will wonder why it took you so long to find them once you start utilizing yourself dot grid notebooks!

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