Details About Extreme Driving Car Simulator

Extreme Driving Car Simulator

Games keep everyone hooked to themselves, from children to adults; everyone plays games. There is a wide range of games available on the app store or google play. Moreover, many interesting games have some simulation of the real world in it. Further, racing games are widely popular among the masses. They like playing such games on their gadgets. And one such game is the extreme driving car simulator. It is one of the popular game that is played by the masses.

Let us know some details about this game.

Features Of Extreme Driving Car Simulator

A car parked on the side of a road

It is one of the popular games since 2014. Further, it features a real physics engine that makes it different from the other games available in the market. Moreover, the game is available for download for free. Thus, you can enjoy drive, drift, and feel like you drive a racing sports car.

With this game, you can feel like a furious driver over the city. Now, with the new update of the game, you can drive with the traffic. There is no need to pull the brakes in the traffic now. Further, you can perform illegal stunts without having any fear of the police catching you.

The users of the game say that driving fast and doing burnouts had never been so much fun. Further, the users claim that cars are good and the screenplay is perfect. However, they believe that ads pop up every 3 minutes. That makes it difficult to play sometimes. Therefore, they believe that an ad-free version of the game should be available.

In addition to this, the game features a full real HUD, including revs, gear, and speed. Further, the cars in the game consist of ABS, TC, and ESP simulation. However, you can turn these features off if you do not wish to use them.

Further, in this game, you can explore a detailed open world environment. Moreover, car damage or car crash feels realistic in the game. There are different cameras in the game. Thus, you can observe your car from different angles in the game.

Many users claim that they have not let go of this game as it is so gripping and exciting.

Other Versions Of The Game

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Another version of this game is available in the form of an ultimate car driving simulator. It is a 3D version of the game. The game is available for free. Moreover, the game features countless cars like racing cars, off-road vehicles, SUVs, tuner cars, muscle cars, 4WD trucks, and more. You can choose the car or vehicle with which you wish to play.

With the help of an advanced graphics engine, Ultimate Simulator now provides the most realistic graphics and deepest 3D ever on mobile. You will have a hard time distinguishing your extreme cars from reality!


An extreme driving car simulator is an amazing game to play. It is available to play both on the PC and your mobile phone. The reviews of this game are amazing. However, the only problem with this game is that of the ads.

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