Best Classic Cars To Buy This Year

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Classic cars are generally considered to be those that were produced before the 1900s. There were many different styles and models of these cars and many people preferred them to newer models. These cars could also be classified as “classic cars” because they were the first of their kind to come out on the market for purchase for consumers. Buying a Classic car can be a great investment as oftentimes they will appreciate in monetary value as time goes on, but it’s important to thoroughly research which ones will see this increase and which won’t before purchasing one. One of the first cars ever produced was a Benz Motor Wagon that came out in 1886. While many Classic cars are mainly collector’s items now rather than used vehicles on the market for daily driving, there are some available still on dealer lots or people’s private property for purchase, and here are some of the best:

1957 Chevrolet Corvette:

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Usually, this car has a yellow or orange exterior and it has a black interior. It was one of the first fuel-injected cars by General Motors. This car has a six-cylinder engine, and it can go at about 155 mph. This car is not the fastest classic car but it has classic style in its way. The Corvette was popular with men who were involved in racing back then also.

1961 Corvette Split Window: 

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This Corvette comes with a big engine already installed into it, so there’s no need to put anything else in this car besides possibly some accessories to make it look good for display purposes. The exterior color of this car could be blue or yellow, and the interior colors are limited to tan or orange only. This classic has held its own throughout history because it does well over 160 mph. It also costs about $25,000 brand new so owning a Classical one would save money since you won’t have to pay as much for gas either since gas prices are super high right now.

1965 Ford Mustang: 

This is another mustang model, but this one has more of a luxurious look to it than the other Mustangs. The exterior color of this car could be red or white, and the interior colors are limited to either tan or black only. The engine does super well for this car since it can do about 350 horsepower. I recommend having 25,000 dollars not just lying around but also invested into buying one of these classics because they go at about 200 mph also which means you will save money on gas too.

1967 Shelby GT-500:

The exterior color of this car could be red or black, and the interior could be red or black also. This is one of the older models also, but nobody can deny how cool this car is because it’s super fast. It already has a big engine in it so there isn’t much you need to upgrade except adding different parts to make it look even better for display purposes. This classic is loved by many from all over the world because it’s an American classic that goes at about 200 mph.

1969 Dodge Charger R/T:

It comes with a massive engine that can do well over 350 horsepower. The exterior color of this car could be blue or green, and the interior could be white or tan. If you want to get yourself one of these classics, then I suggest you have $18,000 just lying around for one good condition Charger since they cost about 30 thousand dollars brand new. So owning a classic but goody would be useful to someone who has a lot of time to fix it up and change things.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429:

This Mustang is another favorite among men, but the only difference with this one compared to the ’67 Shelby GT-500 is that it can do about 375 horsepower. This car is more for speed, not just show. It has a big engine in it so there isn’t much of an upgrade needed besides new paint or some other accessories to make this one look good too because it already looks pretty cool with its black and yellow exterior and interior colors.

1970 Dodge Challenger:

This model is another one that’s meant for speed and performance rather than just looking like most models. The exterior color of this Challenger could be blue or green, and the interior color could be tan, green, or white. It does well over 385 hp so I suggest having $23,000 lying around before you even decide to purchase one of these. The Challenger is another one of the fast classic cars because it can go about 200 mph.

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