6 Things To Avoid To Pass Driving Test Checklist At One Go

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Getting a driving license is the best thing that happens after becoming an adult. Everyone wants to score 90-98, but only lucky ones manage to get a minimum of 80 scores. But some people get above 80 on their first driving test. Why? They practiced, practiced, and practiced a lot. And probably they have a driving test checklist. 

Driving is a practical and practice-based subject. Having a driving test checklist will help you pass through it with flying colors. Probably with high scores, that’s what I mean. So the best way to start is to get your father’s car and ask him to take you to open ground to practice. 

Leave rest on the driving test checklist and some things that you should avoid. 

Rolling Stops

The most common mistake is a rolling stop that should be written in the driving test checklist to avoid. Most of the drivers slow down but do not stop completely during their ongoing road test. Make sure you don’t repeat this mistake and come to a stop before the line. 

Improper Lane Changing

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It is not difficult to signal your intention to change lanes, checking your mirror and then blind spot before changing lanes. However, drivers fail to do it all the time. This results in not passing their driving test At one go. You know the process to follow at changing lanes. The bit with that also doesn’t forget to watch out for traffic in front of you and keep your speed up. 

Lack Of Steering Control

Showing confidence behind the wheel is important during your driving test. But don’t be overconfident to drive single-handedly. Keep both of your hands on the steering wheel most of the time. 

Distracted Driving

While giving the test, keep your cell phone and stereo as far as possible. This is common sense but surprising how many people neglect this factor. Keep your focus in one place, which is good driving and getting a license. But don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road. 

Confusion At Four-Way Stops

Suppose other cars are waiting at the intersection, especially at four-way stops. Be sure what to do because you can’t put four people at the same time on waiting. Wait for your turn and then go, don’t create a mess. The best way to do this is to signal your intentions. 

Driving Too Slowly

During your driving test, it is most important to show confidence. Being extra careful by driving below the speed limit indicated the unsafe situation. Not just for yourself but also for other drivers as well. 


At last, what you need is some real talks more than any driving test checklist. Ask your father, mother, uncles, aunts about their first driving test experience. Also, what are the things that they added to their driving test checklist? 

I’m sure it will ease the environment and your mind. Focus on making memories and avoiding disasters. But don’t take stress; there is always the next time.

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