Things Semi Truck Drivers Shouldn’t Do On The Road

10 Things Semi Truck Drivers Should Follow On-Road

For decades, semi-truck drivers have been the cornerstone on the roads of the United States. Forget how advanced the world is. Trucks remain the choice for hauling goods across the country in a timely fashion. Truck drivers need to have a different mindset. They carry tons of cargo keeping long hours on the road at a time. Handling these large rigs is very challenging. Some drivers don’t seem able to control them.

10 Things Semi Truck Drivers Should Follow On-Road
Things Semi Truck Drivers Shouldn’t Do On The Road

Things Semi Truck Drivers Should Refrain From On The Road

1. Blasting That Stereo While Driving

It can be extremely annoying for drivers on the road when someone has their music turned up pretty high. A truck driver may be doing it because of the noise level of the truck or to stay alert. For the other guy, he sees this menacing truck and its noise in front of him. Add the decibel level from the car. It’s not fair. Truck drivers should be moderate on this count.

2. Ignore Other Semi Truck Drivers

Truckers’ camaraderie is a well-known thing. On the road, truckers pass on important information such as gridlocks, lousy weather, etc over their CB radio. Their code of conduct has cordiality written in and helping out brothers on the road is a great help especially to rookies. Keeping mum about that massive jam you just got out of is bad form.

3. Talk About Your Cargo

Ordinarily, it makes for small talk over at the coffee shop and swapping stories on the radio is otherwise harmless. But you never know who’s listening in. Blabbering about something you’re hauling that can be re-sold for a profit is undoubtedly asking for bad company.

4. Yanking The Horn Irritates Semi Truck Drivers

Whether out of road rage, aggravation because someone cut you off on the road or just for the lark of it.  A blast from those huge twin semi-horns is both disturbing and a distraction to other drivers that could result in a fatal accident.

5. That Radar Detector

Most operators ban radar scanners from their trucks, but errant drivers do install them surreptitiously. There is only one use for such a contraption, in short, evade speed limits. Thankfully both police, operators take serious exception to this and are cracking down.

6. Don’t Brake Hard For Semi Truck Drivers

A large trailer loaded with tons of cargo has a lot of momentum going and therefore cannot be just pulled up like a regular car. As a rule, don’t hit the brake but use your judgment and keep a decent clearance of the vehicle ahead of you. Imagine the car behind, were you to slam your brakes. Pileups have been the outcome in short.

7. Never Ignore The Weather

To begin with, do not take the weather lightly as it is a severe issue. A large truck will ride out a heavy shower with ease but deteriorating weather calls for you to pull over and wait it out. The worst scenario, in particular, is heavy winds because it causes cargo distribution problems. If you are carrying perishables and therefore being in a high-temperature area for long is not a good idea. And pass on the information.

8. Texting

An absolute no brainer. Even an expert driver in a modern car having safety features will steer clear of texting when driving. The risk increases manifold for a trucker purely because of its size and the colossal damage that can ensue due to a distraction.

9. Changing Lanes

It is a big deal. A long haul truck is long and fully laden and subsequently, changing lanes is hazardous. Some states have now in force, a ‘For Trucks Only’ lane and you are expected to stay in that lane even if there is no traffic.

10. Drive Tired

It is practically drilled into every driver and taken very seriously. It poses a danger not only for the driver but for those around. It’s therefore not unnatural for fatigue to set in, but stick to the right thing. Pullover and grab two winks.

Semi Truck Drivers
Things Semi Truck Drivers Shouldn’t Do On The Road

Drawing It Together For Semi Truck Drivers

Forget about road traffic regulations. A code of conduct is set down by haulage operators and these are mere guidelines handed down over the years and have therefore become part of the job. Thankfully, most drivers stick to these rules and avoid problems. So drive safe.

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